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Medically-Driven Relief for Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye concerns in the world. What’s truly unfortunate is how many people struggle without finding effective strategies to help manage it.

On the flip side, individuals struggling with dry eye may incorrectly self-diagnose their symptoms and possibly treat these issues on their own, prolonging their symptoms. We’re here to bring you a comprehensive understanding of your symptoms and provide personalized care to help alleviate your discomfort.

From therapeutic techniques to technology-driven treatments, find it all here at MEye Health. Schedule your next appointment with us today.

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How Dry Eye Develops

There are many different triggers for dry eyes, but the root cause is almost always a problem with tear quality. Our tears are a specific mix of water, oils, and mucous that moisten and protect the surface of our eyes.

If any one of these components is lacking, our tears will not function effectively, leading to uncomfortable dry eye symptoms.

Common Dry Eye Symptoms

Common symptoms of dry eye syndrome include:

  • Burning, irritated and red eyes
  • Tearing and watery eyes
  • Tired and fatigued eyes
  • Blurred or distorted vision
  • Light sensitivity or glare

If left alone, dry eye syndrome can lead to loss of eyelashes, styes, and corneal scarring.

Common Risk Factors

Common dry eye risk factors can include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Environmental factors 
  • Medical conditions
  • Contact lens wear

Alongside these, lifestyle factors like the use of digital devices can also contribute to symptoms.

Our Therapeutic Dry Eye Approach

Our goal is to not only reduce the symptoms of dry eye but also to address the underlying cause.

Our approach often involves a combination of therapies like artificial tears, ointments, and eye drops, lifestyle changes such as reducing digital device use and increasing humidity in your work or home environment, and other noninvasive treatments such as lid massages and warm compresses.

In some cases, we might recommend a combination of strategies to help support long-lasting eye comfort.

BlephEx is a brief but powerful deep-cleaning in-office treatment for eyelids and lashes. 

It is designed to support eyelid hygiene and remove dead skin, embedded eye makeup, and other debris from your eyelids.

The meibomian glands produce meibum, an oily component of tears that prevents their evaporation and keeps the eyes moist. When these glands get clogged, tears evaporate quickly, causing dry eyes. 

Meibomian gland expression and debridement provide prolonged relief from dry eye by manually extracting the glands and removing dead tissue from the lid margins.

Depending on the severity of your dry eye and for enhancing the above treatments, an at-home regimen may be the preferred option. This may include warm compresses, lid cleaners, preservative-free artificial tears and nutritional supplements.

There are many different types and brands of these products, and we will select the right ones for you.

We can also recommend:

  • Toxin-free eye makeup
  • Dry eye goggles
  • Scleral lenses
  • Prescription medication

Technology-Driven Strategies

We offer treatments for all aspects of dry eye, including an array of technology-driven strategies to help address moderate to severe dry eye symptoms.

We can recommend a few different technology-driven in-office techniques based on your needs. 

Umay REST is an eye mask device that uses heating and cooling technology to address digital eye strain and uncomfortable dry eye symptoms.

This technology also connects to your smart device to help personalize your sessions, providing you with the comfort you need to get up and enjoy your day or unwind at the end of it.

We use Forma-I from InMode, a nonsurgical and Health Canada-approved method equipped with specific temperature controls to provide safe and effective treatment.

When you receive this treatment, it will feel like a gentle, warm massage around the eyelids. This movement helps improve blood circulation, unclog the oil-producing glands that line your eyelids, and alleviate inflammation that can contribute to your dry eye symptoms.

Lumecca intense pulsed light (IPL) from InMode is a delicate process that uses heat to decrease inflammation and ocular rosacea. With this technology, we can help eliminate overactive bacteria, parasites, and microorganisms by closing the blood vessels near the eyelash margin. 

This area is prone to inflammation and redness, causing dry eye symptoms. At the end of your treatment, you may experience less irritation and increased moisture to help soothe your dry eyes.

After treatment, it’s recommended to wear sunscreen for up to 2 weeks.

Find Comfort from Dry Eyes Today

Schedule an appointment with us today to learn how to find relief from your dry eye symptoms. 

Whether it’s IPL or other treatments, we’re here to help you enjoy life with comfortable vision.

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