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Complete Eye Exams at Meye Health

MEye Health is my dream that has taken years to achieve. MEye Health comes from the philosophy that ‘your eyes are a window to your health.

MEye Health was created to offer my patients a place with the most up to date modern technology in a safe and spacious environment in order to diagnose, manage and treat eye disease from its root cause. My dedicated team and I strive to provide you with the best care possible with personalized solutions throughout every point of your journey at MEye Health. We believe that prevention is an important step to controlling many eye problems and much of that stems from healthy eating and a healthy Lifestyle.

It is my hope that you book an appointment and see for yourself the optimal care that we deliver.

See you soon,

Kalpna Varshney, Owner, Optometrist

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Functional Vision Assessments

In a functional vision exam we not only correct your vision to see clearly or 20/20 but we also correct your vision so your eyes feel comfortable doing tasks that you either need to do or would like to do more of.

Clear and comfortable vision is so important to many every day tasks such as working on computers, driving, reading, and sports.

We have introduced the Neurolens Measurement Device and RightEye Eye-Tracking System to uncover functional vision changes.

If you are noticing eyestrain, headaches, light sensitivity, motion sickness or neck pain, you may be struggling with functional vision loss.

Please call us to see how we can help you see and feel better.

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Conveniently located west of Walker’s Line on the north side of Harvester near Tim Horton’s.

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