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Find Comfort & Clarity with Contact Lenses

At MEye Health, we understand the importance of clear and comfortable vision. 

Our experienced opticians will assess your vision and recommend the best contact lenses for your eyes. With our selection of quality contact lenses from leading brands, you can trust that we can help you find a pair right for your needs and your eyes.

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Determining Your Fit

Wearing improperly fitted contacts can result in a variety of problems. These can range from slight irritation to permanent corneal damage.

There are many details to consider when finding the contact lenses that are the right match for you, such as:

  • The date of your most recent full eye exam
  • Determining the size, fit, and lens material
  • Accounting for environmental factors
  • Pre-existing complications like keratoconus and dry eye

What to Expect from Your Appointment

First, we conduct a thorough examination of your eyes to determine whether contact lenses are an appropriate option. Next, using our expertise and modern technology, we take precise measurements of each of your eyes. 

After training on insertion, removal, and instructions of care, we send you home with a trial pair of contact lenses and cleaning products we believe will be best suited to you. 

A follow-up appointment can determine whether these contact lenses are the right choice for you, and if not, we will adjust as necessary. Once we find the ideal fit, we will order your contact lenses and complete the contact lens prescription.

Contact Lens Designs & Materials

MEye Health fits lenses in a variety of designs depending on the prescription and visual needs. These include:

We can also offer a range of specialty contacts based on your eye health needs and potential environmental concerns.

These lenses are soft, thin, malleable, and oxygen-permeable. They are the most popular lenses because they are comfortable, easy to use, and cost-efficient. 

One-day disposable lenses are a popular option in terms of eye health and convenience. Some brands offer the benefit of added UV protection.

Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses are stiffer, harder, and smaller than their soft lens counterparts. These lenses are a healthy alternative because they provide oxygen to the cornea and offer crisp, clear vision compared to traditional soft contact lenses, especially for unusual prescriptions. 

This design of contact lenses is intended to bring the best of both the soft and RGP worlds to those who wear them. 

They are designed with a central RGP portion and a soft lens skirt, offering the comfort of soft lenses combined with the clarity of gas-permeable lenses. 

Unlike conventional contact lenses, which are designed to sit on the cornea, scleral contact lenses sit on the sclera, vaulting over the cornea. 

This design makes scleral contact lenses an excellent treatment for patients with irregular astigmatism, keratoconus, or dry eyes.

Order Contacts or Schedule Your Contact Lens Fitting

If you already have a prescription with us and would like to order your next supply of contact lenses, please visit our Order Contacts page.

But if you’d like to see how contact lenses can help serve your vision, please schedule a contact lens fitting with MEye Health today.

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