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Check out our list of eye care products to help your eyes see clearly and feel comfortable. These products have been specifically chosen by our team for their efficacy and ethical science, and we’re honoured to help you find products that are right for you and your needs.

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Our Products

  • MacuHealth 
  • ProMed Pharma
    • Macula 2 Omega 3 
    • Macula 2 Essentials 
    • Ocusci Lid Mask
  • I-MED Pharma
    • I-Drop Pur 
    • MGD
    • i-Lid n’ Lash Plus 
  • CandorVision
    • Hylo Dual Gel
    • Ocunox
    • Calmo 
  • We Love Eyes Makeup Remover, Foam, & Cleaner
  • Labtician
    • Thealoz Duo
  • Bausch & Lomb
    • Therapearl Lid Mask
  • Hilco Vision
    • Fog Buster
  • Blinc
    • Blinc Inc Makeup 
  • Genetic Testing
    • Macula Risk/Vita Risk
    • Vita Risk

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