Functional Vision Assessment

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How We Use Our Vision

A functional vision assessment is key to determining how effectively one uses their visual system to communicate with the brain

In other words, an individual may have 20/20 vision, but still say they have trouble seeing.

People at any age, from children to seniors, may notice that their vision is not quite right, but have been told they do not have any eye disease.

  • An in depth questionnaire
  • Comprehensive health assessment
  • Environmental/lifestyle factors
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Reading skills
  • Measurements of how the eyes coordinate with each other
  • Solutions to improve your visual processing


Testing & Solutions

A break-through tool in optometry, RightEye is a fast, non-invasive, accurate, and versatile test that utilizes eye-tracking technology to uncover issues that a traditional eye exam may not.

RightEye can be utilized for:

  • Functional Vision
  • Brain Health
  • Reading
  • Sports Vision

NeuroTracker is a state-of-the-art technology designed at the University of Montreal using over 20 years of neuroscience research to exercise speed processing in individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and learning difficulties to improving reaction time in drivers and athletes. Vision therapy can also aid in binocular and perceptual development in children with learning difficulties, improving reading skills and sports vision.

ChromaGen lenses are a patented product which were originally developed for individuals experiencing colour vision deficiency. They have since been shown to be beneficial for those with reading difficulties, including dyslexia.

Shaw Lenses take into consideration how the eyes work and move together as it balances image sizes. This is especially helpful in people with a weaker or lazy eye as it solves many distortion problems.  As a result, many patients report better vision comfort and fewer headaches.

Certain vitamin, mineral, diet and exercise, and molecular deficiencies, can lead to issues in functional vision. Changes can make a huge difference in how we process information that we see.

Overuse of digital media can cause many problems with functional vision from dry eyes to sleep issues which affects our quality of vision. These lenses help prevent the damage that digital media has on our eyes.

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Vision With Cognitive Impairment

If you have Dementia, Alzheimer’s, TBI, Stroke you may experience these functional vision impariments:


  • Headaches or eye strain.
  • Avoid reading and close-up work, skip words or lines when reading
  • Make physical adjustments to compensate, such as tilting your head, covering one eye, or squinting.
  • Blink and rub your eyes.
  • Difficulty remembering, identifying and/or drawing shapes, or writing.
  • Poor hand-eye coordination.
  • Feeling dizzy or nauseous when reading or watching TV.
  • Confuse left and right consistently, regardless of assistance/correction.
  • Move your head to follow things, rather than use your eyes.
  • Have double vision, motion sickness, or have trouble with physical reflexes.

A functional vision assessments may improve your quality of life. Book your appointment today.


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Adult & Senior Eye Exams

As we age, our risk of developing various eye diseases and issues will increase. As such, it’s extremely important to undergo a comprehensive eye exam approximately once a year. At this visit, your optometrist can determine the best vision correction tools for you; what’s more, we can also protect the health of your eyes and prevent permanent vision loss.

Adult & Senior Eye Exams

Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain can have negative effects on more than just your eyes. This common issue could very well be the culprit behind your poor quality sleep and back pain. MEye Health has the diagnostic tools and expertise to help you find relief.

Digital Eye Strain

Dry Eye Therapy

Are you suffering from dry eyes? This surprisingly common issue may be causing your tired eyes, excessive eye watering, and even visual distortion. Dry eye disease is often caused by an underlying issue that requires specific treatment. MEye Health provides a wide variety of solutions for those experiencing the discomfort of dry eyes.

Dry Eye Therapy

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