Emergency Eye Care in Burlington, ON

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What Is an Eye Emergency?

An eye emergency is any instance in which your sight is at immediate risk.

  • Sudden, unexplained eye pain
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Blunt force trauma to the eye
  • Unknown debris in eye
  • Punctures or abrasions of the eye (scratches)
  • Chemical exposure
  • Red eye
  • Severe allergic reactions or ocular discharge
  • Sudden onset of flashes of light or floating spots
  • Any other situation in which your vision is in immediate danger.

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MEye Health will always do our best to assist when emergency eye care is needed.

However, if we are not available, or if the emergency goes beyond eye care, you should always seek immediate attention at the nearest emergency room.

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Our Address

3455 Harvester Rd., Unit 28
Burlington, ON L7N 3P2

Contact Information

Phone: 905-681-8277
Fax: 905-681-3989
[email protected]

Hours of Operations

10 AM7 PM
10 AM5 PM
10 AM7 PM
10 AM5 PM
10 AM5 PM
Appointments Only

Where to Find Us

Conveniently located west of Walker’s Line on the north side of Harvester near Tim Horton’s.

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