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A functional vision assessment ensures the entire visual system, from the eyes to the brain, is working correctly. See more comfortably with treatment strategies that will improve your visual ability.

Learn more about our Functional Vision Assessment

Do you suffer from constantly dry and irritated eyes? There are options available at Varshney Optometry.

Learn more about Dry Eye Therapy

Myopia is a growing concern, particularly in children, and could eventually lead to serious vision problems later in life. Seek management options to keep your prescription as low as possible.

Learn more about Myopia Control

Laser eye surgery offers freedom from glasses and contact lenses, but not everyone is a candidate. We will help you understand the risks and rewards associated with this exciting process.

Learn more about Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

In the age of the Internet, we spend more time looking at digital screens than ever before. It’s important to understand the effect digital devices are having on our bodies, especially our eyes.

Learn more about Digital Eye Strain

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Where to Find Us

Conveniently located west of Walker’s Line on the north side of Harvester near Tim Horton’s.

Our Services

Adult & Senior Eye Exams

As we age, our risk of developing various eye diseases and issues will increase. As such, it’s extremely important to undergo a comprehensive eye exam approximately once a year. At this visit, your optometrist can determine the best vision correction tools for you; what’s more, we can also protect the health of your eyes and prevent permanent vision loss.

Adult & Senior Eye Exams

Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain can have negative effects on more than just your eyes. This common issue could very well be the culprit behind your poor quality sleep and back pain. MEye Health has the diagnostic tools and expertise to help you find relief.

Digital Eye Strain

Dry Eye Therapy

Are you suffering from dry eyes? This surprisingly common issue may be causing your tired eyes, excessive eye watering, and even visual distortion. Dry eye disease is often caused by an underlying issue that requires specific treatment. MEye Health provides a wide variety of solutions for those experiencing the discomfort of dry eyes.

Dry Eye Therapy

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